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Terms and conditions

This breakfast survey is published by a group of collaborating independent Herbalife Members in order to gain more insight into breakfast habits and to be able to provide personalized solutions. Sonho BVBA collects and processes your personal data only for the use of our products and services. This way we can guarantee you the best service and the best result. If you wish to make use of our services, the answers you provide will be used to give you personal tips and advice. Under no circumstances is this survey intended to provide advice on preventing, diagnosing, determining, treating, alleviating or curing any disease, condition or medical condition of any kind. 

More and more studies do show that a balanced breakfast in combination with a balanced diet during the day, regular exercise, drinking enough water, dietary supplements if necessary and sufficient rest, can have a positive influence on our general wellbeing.

When you fill in your contact details, it is possible that an independent Herbalife member will contact you. However, completing this survey does not guarantee that he/she will contact you. If you want to contact the person who owns this site, please click the 'contact' button at the top of the site. Sonho BVBA is in no case responsible for the follow-up given by the independent Herbalife member who manages this personal website.

Reliability of the information on the site

The website cannot be held responsible for any errors in the information.

Availability of the site

Although we are committed to making this survey available seven days a week and 24 hours a day, we reserve the right to interrupt access to the site at any time and without prior warning for technical or other reasons.

Protection of intellectual property rights

The logo, as well as the company name of Sonho BVBA and the content of the website belong to its own copyright and may under no circumstances be reproduced or displayed without permission. Sonho BVBA nevertheless bears no liability whatsoever for the presence of information on its website that might infringe the intellectual rights of third parties. Completing and sending this survey means that you accept the above terms and conditions of use in full.

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